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Slovenian Quiz

Slovenian Quiz Slovenian Quiz Slovenian Quiz

This game is my contribution for the ABBUC Software Contest 2013. It's simple quiz, a word-guessing game about Slovenian words. It resembles concept from the game I developed for Atari BASIC 4K challenge competition on AtariAge forum. See below (Slo-Quiz 4k game) for more information.

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Slo-Quiz 4k

Slo-Quiz 4k

This game was developed by me and it was contributed in AtariAge forum competition called Atari BASIC 4K challenge competition. The main goal of the competition was to make a game using just pure Atari BASIC in 4K limit in size, with no help of any machine language routine. It wasn't allowed to use any interrupts neither, only basic use of hardware features like player/missiles and sound with the use of simple POKE commands. Game is simple quiz game in which you guess Slovenian word for selected picture. The only help is a picture above the answers and English translation of the word as the hint.

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