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Game Formula 126PZ [added]: category: Arcades / Avoidem
Game MVSBC Galactica [added]: category: Arcades / Avoidem
Game Hit Star [added]: category: Action/Shootem up(other)
Game A Day to Find Out [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game A Hacker's Night [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game ABSoluteZero [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Abuse v2.9 [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Adventure on a Boat! [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Adventures of Charlie Chicken Part 1: The Hatching [updated]: category: Arcades / Miscellaneous
Game Aerobics [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Affenjagd [updated]: category: Action/Puzzle-board
Game Animal Intelligence [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Aqua Marina [updated]: category: Arcades / Miscellaneous
Game Atari Nuclear Power Plant [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game AtariOracle [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Aventuras D'onofrio [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game BSA Motorcycles v5.0 [updated]: category: Adventures / Textual
Game Battalion Commander [updated]: category: Strategy / War games
Game Battlefield [updated]: category: Strategy / War games
Game Berserker Raids [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Big Boggle [updated]: category: Education / Word games
Game Bitwa o Anglie [updated]: category: Strategy / War games
Game Blinky [updated]: category: Thinking games / Miscellaneous
Game Boing [updated]: category: Arcades / Catchem
Game Booby Jackpot [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Build a Powerhouse [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game C.A.D. [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Crazitack [updated]: category: Action/Shootem up(other)
Game Caardvarks [updated]: category: Thinking games / Cards
Game Cardiac Arrest! [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Catch the skull [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Caterpillar Races [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Centurion [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Cheapo Keno [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Chem Lab [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Chennault's Flying Tigers v.1.3 [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Chopin 2010 [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Cinquain [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Civil War Simulation [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Civilization [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Clipper: Around the Horn in 1850 [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Close Assault [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Colorvision [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Combat Chess [updated]: category: Strategy / War games
Game Commbat [updated]: category: Strategy / War games
Game Computer Live [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Computer War [updated]: category: Strategy / War games
Game Computer-Kran [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Conflict [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Convoy [updated]: category: Strategy / War games
Game Cosmic Crusaders v3.5 [updated]: category: Strategy / Management
Game Creation [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Crisis Center [updated]: category: Miscellanous
Game Cywilizacja [updated]: category: Strategy / Management
Game Demolition Division [updated]: category: Education / Children
Game Dzungla [updated]: category: Action/Puzzle-board
Game Future Tanks [updated]: category: Strategy / War games
Game Galactic Trader [updated]: category: Strategy/Trade
Game Gumka [updated]: category: Arcades / Miscellaneous
Game Halley Project, The [updated]: category: Space simulation / Miscellaneous


Game 221B Baker Street [added]: http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/det/43399/221B%20Baker%20Street/
Game Affenjagd [added]: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/148758
Game Alien Counter & Face Flash [updated]: https://www.ebay.com/itm/203016658691
Game Alternate Reality: City [added]: http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/det/15421/Alternate%20Reality/
Game Arnie [updated]: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-arnie_336.html
Game Beach Head [added]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beach_Head_(video_game)
Game Bishop's Square [added]: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/atari8bit/280949-bishops-square-maxwells-demon
Game Bruce Lee [added]: https://www.gamesdatabase.org/game/atari-8-bit/bruce-lee
Game Crazitack [added]: https://archive.org/details/ArtworxCrazitack
Game Crazitack [added]: https://boardgamegeek.com/videogame/243189/crazitack
Game Caardvarks [updated]: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-caardvarks_12398.html
Game Canyon Climber [added]: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/atari8bit/215570-canyon-climber
Game Clowns & Balloons [added]: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/atari8bit/217008-clowns-and-balloons
Game Demolition Division [added]: https://www.mobygames.com/game/atari-8-bit/demolition-division
Game Demolition Division [added]: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-arcademic-skill-builders-demolition-division_12619.html
Game Demolition Division [added]: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/atari8bit/281343-demolition-division
Game Demolition Division [added]: https://www.giantbomb.com/demolition-division/3030-83301/
Game Dzungla [updated]: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-dzungla_1776.html
Game Dzungla [added]: https://archive.org/details/a8b_abbuc_390
Game Future Tanks [added]: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-future-tanks_16653.html
Game Future Tanks [added]: https://roms-hub.com/roms/atari-800/future-tanks-usa
Game Future Tanks [added]: http://www.oldgamesfinder.com/?m=8&q=Future%20Tanks
Game Future Tanks [added]: https://wowroms.com/en/roms/atari-800/future-tanks-bas/67486.html
Game Galactic Trader [added]: http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/det/43545/Galactic%20Trader/
Game Galactic Trader [added]: https://www.mobygames.com/game/atari-8-bit/galactic-trader
Game Galactic Trader [added]: https://wowroms.com/en/roms/atari-800/galactic-trader-cas/73559.html
Game Galactic Trader [added]: http://www.oldgamesfinder.com/?m=8&q=Galactic%20Trader
Game Galactic Trader [added]: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-galactic-trader_2136.html
Game Galactic Trader [added]: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/atari8bit/278235-galactic-trader
Game Galactic Trader [added]: https://videogamegeek.com/videogame/105630/galactic-trader
Game Galactic Trader [added]: https://www.ebay.com/itm/265761656133
Game Galactic Trader [added]: https://getoldgames.com/game/galactic-trader
Game Galactic Trader [added]: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/galactic-trader-ads
Game Galactic Trader [added]: https://archive.org/details/a8b_Galactic_Trader_1981_Adventure_International_US_BASIC
Game Halley Project, The [added]: http://www.vulcanjedi.com/halley.htm
Game Halley Project, The [added]: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/85055
Game Halley Project, The [added]: https://wowroms.com/en/roms/atari-800/the-halley-project-atr/70062.html
Game Halley Project, The [added]: https://dbpedia.org/page/The_Halley_Project
Game Halley Project, The [added]: http://www.atarimagazines.com/v4n9/products.html
Game Halley Project, The [added]: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-halley-project-_2369.html
Game Halley Project, The [added]: https://glitchwave.com/game/the-halley-project-a-mission-in-our-solar-system/release/atari-8-bit-commodore-64-128/
Game Halley Project, The [added]: http://www.atarimagazines.com/v4n7/newproducts.html
Game Halley Project, The [added]: https://roms-hub.com/roms/atari-800/halley-project-the-usa
Game Halley Project, The [added]: https://www.everygamegoing.com/litem/The-Halley-Project/147011/
Game Halley Project, The [added]: https://www.mobygames.com/game/halley-project-a-mission-in-our-solar-system
Game Maxwell's Demon [added]: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/atari8bit/280949-bishops-square-maxwells-demon
Game MonkeyMath [added]: https://www.mobygames.com/game/monkeymath
Game MonkeyMath [added]: http://www.page6.org/archive/issue_09/page_05.htm
Game MonkeyMath [added]: http://www.page6.org/archive/issue_23/page_07.htm
Game MonkeyMath [added]: https://archive.org/details/cssa8d_Monkeymath_1983_Artworx_US
Game Mr. Do! [added]: http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/det/15429/Mr%20Do!/
Game Pac-Mad [added]: https://mads.atari8.info/doc/en/projects/
Game Pac-Mad [added]: https://bocianu.atari.pl/blog/pacmad
Game Pacific Coast Highway [added]: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/atari8bit/219049-pacific-coast-hwy
Game Sands of Egypt, The [added]: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/atari8bit/215763-the-sands-of-egypt
Game Shooting Arcade [added]: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/atari8bit/282382-shooting-arcade
Game Star Vagrant [added]: https://mads.atari8.info/doc/en/projects/
Game FloB [added]: https://mads.atari8.info/doc/en/projects/
Game Formula 126PZ [added]: https://forums.atariage.com/topic/249968-games-in-mad-pascal/#comment-3784295
Game MVSBC Galactica [added]: https://forums.atariage.com/topic/249968-games-in-mad-pascal/#comment-3791938
Game Hit Star [added]: https://forums.atariage.com/topic/249968-games-in-mad-pascal/#comment-3786817

Video links

Game Pac-Mad [added]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFOVFtPFi_I


Game Galactic Trader [added]: https://www.myabandonware.com/download/h7b-galactic-trader
Game Pac-Mad [added]: https://bocianu.atari.pl/assets/games/pacmad.xex
Game Defence [added]: https://forums.atariage.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=677077
Game Formula 126PZ [added]: https://forums.atariage.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=513169
Game Formula 126PZ [added]: https://forums.atariage.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=513168
Game MVSBC Galactica [added]: https://forums.atariage.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=514931
Game MVSBC Galactica [added]: https://forums.atariage.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=514930
Game Hit Star [added]: https://forums.atariage.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=513762
Game Hit Star [added]: https://forums.atariage.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=513763


Game Beach Head [added]: U.S. Gold
Game Bishop's Square [added]: Various
Game Caardvarks [updated]: Page 6
Game Demolition Division [added]: DLM, Inc.
Game Demolition Division [updated]: Educational Information Systems, Inc.
Game Frogs [updated]: Silly Venture 2011
Game Frogs [updated]: Agenda Productions
Game Future Tanks [updated]: ACE Newsletter
Game Halley Project, The [added]: Mindscape, Inc.
Game King of the Ring [added]: Gremlin
Game Pac-Mad [updated]: Ironia 2017
Game Parachute [added]: Moj Mikro
Game Star Trek 3.5 [updated]: BELLCOM - Public Domain Library
Game Stupid Kangaroo [added]: Moj Mikro
Game Wolves [added]: Moj Mikro
Game Kowalsky's Fury [updated]: ABBUC Software Contest 2018
Game Kowalsky's Fury [updated]: ABBUC e.V.
Game Kowalsky's Fury [updated]: Agenda
Game 601F [updated]: ABBUC Software Contest 2019
Game Star Vagrant [updated]: Silly Venture 2019
Game Tuneup [updated]: BASIC 10-liner Contest 2022 (NOMAM 2022)
Game Formula 126PZ [added]: Moj Mikro
Game MVSBC Galactica [added]: Moj Mikro
Game Hit Star [added]: Moj Mikro
Listing Lander [updated]: BASIC 10-liner Contest 2019 (NOMAM 2019)
Listing Oruga [updated]: BASIC 10-liner Contest 2017 (NOMAM 2017)


Game Boulder Dash 3 [updated]: Peter Liepa
Game Crazitack [added]: Peter Adams
Game Mouse Mervin [updated]: Marko Jeric
Game Formula 126PZ [added]: Branislav Milosavljevic
Game Formula 126PZ [added]: Boštjan Gorišek
Game MVSBC Galactica [added]: Boštjan Gorišek
Game MVSBC Galactica [added]: Ludvik Ilovar
Game Hit Star [added]: Boštjan Gorišek
Game Hit Star [added]: Stanislav Ogrinc


Game Frogs [updated]: frogs_2.png
Game Frogs [updated]: frogs_7.png
Game Frogs [updated]: frogs_6.png
Game Future Nightmare [updated]: future_nightmare_bas.png
Game Future Nightmare [updated]: future_nightmare_11_bas.png
Game Future Nightmare [updated]: future_nightmare_6_bas.png
Game Future Nightmare [updated]: future_nightmare_14_bas.png
Game Future Nightmare [updated]: future_nightmare_8_bas.png
Game Future Nightmare [updated]: future_nightmare_3_bas.png
Game Future Nightmare [updated]: future_nightmare_12_bas.png
Game Future Nightmare [updated]: future_nightmare_7_bas.png
Game Future Nightmare [updated]: future_nightmare_15_bas.png
Game Future Tanks [updated]: future_tanks_8_bas.png
Game Future Tanks [updated]: future_tanks_5_bas.png
Game Future Tanks [updated]: future_tanks_7_bas.png
Game Future Tanks [updated]: future_tanks_4_bas.png
Game Future Tanks [updated]: future_tanks_6_bas.png
Game King of the Ring [updated]: king_of_the_ring_osb_20.png
Game King of the Ring [updated]: king_of_the_ring_osb_7.png
Game King of the Ring [updated]: king_of_the_ring_osb_19.png
Game King of the Ring [updated]: king_of_the_ring_osb.png
Game King of the Ring [updated]: king_of_the_ring_osb_4.png
Game King of the Ring [updated]: king_of_the_ring_osb_16.png
Game King of the Ring [updated]: king_of_the_ring_osb_8.png
Game Mr. Do! [updated]: mr_do.png
Game Mr. Do! [updated]: mr_do_3.png
Game Mr. Do! [updated]: mr_do_10.png
Game Mr. Do! [updated]: mr_do_9.png
Game Mr. Do! [updated]: mr_do_12.png
Game Mr. Do! [updated]: mr_do_5.png
Game Mr. Do! [updated]: mr_do_11.png
Game Parachute [updated]: parachute.png
Game Stupid Kangaroo [updated]: stupid_kangaroo.png
Game Wolves [updated]: wolves.png
Game Kowalsky's Fury [updated]: kowalskys_fury.png
Game Kowalsky's Fury [updated]: kowalskys_fury_1.png
Game Black Bouncy Blob [updated]: bbb_1.png
Game 601F [updated]: 601f_8.png
Game 601F [updated]: 601f_10.png
Game 601F [updated]: 601f_7.png
Game 601F [updated]: 601f_9.png
Game 601F [updated]: 601f_6.png
Game Defence [updated]: defence_mm.png
Game Moj Mikro Asteroids [updated]: mm_asteroids.png
Game Mouse Mervin [updated]: mouse_mervin.png
Game BOOTris [updated]: bootris.png
Game Formula 126PZ [added]: formula-126pz_4.png
Game Formula 126PZ [added]: formula-126pz_1.png
Game Formula 126PZ [added]: formula-126pz_3.png
Game Formula 126PZ [added]: formula-126pz.png
Game Formula 126PZ [added]: formula-126pz_2.png
Game MVSBC Galactica [added]: mvsbc-galactica_4.png
Game MVSBC Galactica [added]: mvsbc-galactica_1.png
Game MVSBC Galactica [added]: mvsbc-galactica.png
Game MVSBC Galactica [added]: mvsbc-galactica_3.png
Game MVSBC Galactica [added]: mvsbc-galactica_5.png
Game MVSBC Galactica [added]: mvsbc-galactica_2.png
Game Hit Star [added]: hit-star_bg_1.png
Game Hit Star [added]: hit-star_bg_3.png
Game Hit Star [added]: hit-star_bg_2.png
Game Hit Star [added]: hit-star_bg.png


Game 221B Baker Street [updated]: year = 1987, controllers: joystick, media: diskette, maximum players: 1
Game Affenjagd [updated]: year = 1985, controllers: joystick, media: diskette, maximum players: 1
Game Alternate Reality: City [updated]: year = 1985, controllers: joystick, media: diskette, maximum players: 1
Game Beach Head [updated]: year = 1983, controllers: joystick, media: diskette, maximum players: 2
Game Crazitack [updated]: year = 1982, controllers: joystick, media: diskette, tape, maximum players: 1
Game Demolition Division [added]: year = 1984, controllers: joystick, media: diskette, maximum players: 1
Game Dzungla [updated]: year = 1988, media: diskette
Game Frogs [updated]: year = 2011, controllers: joystick, media: diskette, maximum players: 1
Game Future Tanks [added]: year = 0, maximum players: 1
Game Galactic Trader [updated]: year = 1981, media: diskette, tape, maximum players: 1
Game MonkeyMath [updated]: year = 1983, controllers: joystick, media: diskette, tape, maximum players: 1
Game Mr. Do! [updated]: year = 1984, controllers: joystick, media: diskette, tape
Game Star Trek 3.5 [updated]: year = 1986, media: , tape
Game Kowalsky's Fury [updated]: year = 2018, controllers: joystick, paddles, media: diskette, maximum players: 1
Game 601F [updated]: year = 2019, controllers: joystick, maximum players: 1
Game Formula 126PZ [added]: year = 2017, controllers: joystick, media: diskette, maximum players: 1
Game MVSBC Galactica [added]: year = 2017, controllers: joystick, media: diskette, maximum players: 1
Game Hit Star [added]: year = 2017, controllers: joystick, media: diskette, maximum players: 1

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