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0 DIM F$(10),​FC$(9),​P(8),​G(8,​10):​T=1:​GRAPHICS 7:​F=ADR(F$):​FC=ADR(FC$):​FC$="":​PRINT "Welcome to Connect 4":​A=PEEK(106)-32:​POKE 54279,​A:​PM=256*A:​POKE 559,​46:​POKE 53277,​3:​POKE 623,​4
1 POKE 53248,​100:​POKE 53256,​0:​POKE 53257,​1:​POKE 704,​55:​POKE 53248,​155:​FOR I=0 TO 4*128:​DPOKE PM+I*2,​0:​NEXT I:​F$="||":​COLOR 3:​FOR Y=10 TO 70 STEP 10:​FOR X=110 TO 40 STEP -10:​CIRCLE X,​Y,​5:​NEXT X:​NEXT Y
2 WHILE 1:​T= NOT T:​COLOR T+1:​M=M+1:​PRINT "Player ";T+1;"'s turn":​IF M=57:​PRINT "TIE GAME":​SOUND 0,​200,​10,​8:​PAUSE 6:​SOUND:​WHILE STRIG(T):​WEND:​CLR:​RUN:​ENDIF:​X=0:​WHILE X=0:​X=4:​IF T:​POKE 704,​202:​ELSE:​POKE 704,​40:​ENDIF
3 MOVE F,​PM+522,​10:​WHILE STRIG(T):​POKE 53248,​75+10*X:​X=X+(STICK(T)=7)-(STICK(T)=11):​IF X<1:​X=8:​ENDIF:​IF X>8:​X=1:​ENDIF:​PAUSE 4:​WEND:​IF P(X)=7:​SOUND 0,​99,​6,​8:​PAUSE 5:​SOUND:​X=0:​ENDIF:​WEND
4 P(X)=P(X)+1:​G(X,​P(X))=T+1:​FOR I=PM+512+10 TO PM+512+91-P(X)*10:​MOVE F,​I,​10:​POKE 53248,​75+10*X:​NEXT I:​PAINT 30+(10*X),​80-10*P(X):​POKE 53248,​0:​MOVE FC,​PM+512+92-P(X)*10,​9
5 IF P(X)>3:​IF G(X,​P(X))&G(X,​P(X)-1)&G(X,​P(X)-2)&G(X,​P(X)-3):​GOTO 200:​ENDIF:​ENDIF:​FOR X=1 TO 5:​FOR Y=1 TO 7:​IF G(X,​Y):​IF G(X,​Y)&G(X+1,​Y)&G(X+2,​Y)&G(X+3,​Y):​GOTO 200:​ENDIF
6 IF G(X,​Y)&G(X+1,​Y+1)&G(X+2,​Y+2)&G(X+3,​Y+3):​GOTO 200:​ENDIF:​IF Y>3:​IF G(X,​Y)&G(X+1,​Y-1)&G(X+2,​Y-2)&G(X+3,​Y-3):​GOTO 200:​ENDIF:​ENDIF:​ENDIF:​NEXT Y:​NEXT X:​WEND
200 PRINT "PLAYER ";T+1;" WINS!":​FOR X=1 TO 255:​POKE 708+T,​X:​SOUND 0,​RAND(255),​10,​10:​NEXT X:​SOUND:​WHILE STRIG(T):​WEND:​CLR:​RUN
1000 REM CONNECT4 BY kevin@savetz.com
1001 REM Feb 3 2016 for the NOMAM
1002 REM 10-line BASIC contest
1003 REM You should listen to
1004 REM ANTIC The Atari 8-Bit
1005 REM Podcast @ AtariPodcast.com	

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