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Listing 1
0 REM SAVE"D:​CML40224.TB2"
10 DIM O(4),​A$(4),​H$(1),​M$(1),​B$(1),​S(4),​G(4):​H$="*":​M$="O":​B$=" "
80 GRAPHICS 18:​Y=1:​POKE 559,​0:​CH=PEEK(106)-16:​POKE 756,​CH:​CH=CH*256:​FOR I=0 TO 1024:​A=127-PEEK(57344+I):​IF A<0 THEN A=0:​ENDIF
130 POKE CH+I,​A:​NEXT I:​DPOKE 708,​2710:​DPOKE 710,​3868:​FOR Z=1 TO 4:​S(Z)=RAND(6):​NEXT Z:​POSITION 2,​0:​? #6;"  "
250 FOR I=0 TO 7:​POKE CH+I,​85+(85*(I MOD 2)):​POKE CH+I+80,​127-PEEK(58016+I):​NEXT I:​FOR Z=1 TO 4:​G(Z)=0:​NEXT Z:​POKE 559,​34
360 C=1:​CG=G(C):​LC=C:​A$="....":​REPEAT:​PAUSE 5:​POSITION 5,​Y:​FOR Z=1 TO 4:​? #6;STR$(G(Z));:​NEXT Z:​? #6;" ";A$:​POSITION 4+C,​Y:​? #6;CHR$(ASC(STR$(G(C)))+128)
450 D=STICK(0):​DX=(D=7)-(D=11):​DY=(D=14)-(D=13):​C=C+DX:​IF C>4:​C=1:​ENDIF:​IF C<1:​C=4:​ENDIF:​IF C<>LC:​CG=G(C):​ENDIF:​CG=DY+CG:​IF CG>5:​CG=0:​ENDIF
580 IF CG<0:​CG=5:​ENDIF:​G(C)=CG:​LC=C:​UNTIL STRIG(0)=0:​EXEC SOLVE:​POSITION 10,​Y:​? #6;A$:​Y=Y+1:​IF A$="****":​POSITION 6,​Y:​? #6;" ":​ELSE
750 IF Y=11:​POSITION 5,​Y:​? #6;" ":​ELSE:​GOTO 360:​ENDIF:​ENDIF:​PAUSE 5:​REPEAT:​UNTIL STRIG(0)=0:​GOTO 80
930 PROC SOLVE:​P=1:​FOR Z=1 TO 4:​O(Z)=S(Z):​IF G(Z)=O(Z):​A$(P,​P)=H$:​P=P+1:​O(Z)=7:​ENDIF:​NEXT Z:​FOR Z=1 TO 4:​FOR X=1 TO 4:​IF G(X)=O(Z)
1080 A$(P,​P)=M$:​P=P+1:​O(Z)=7:​ENDIF:​NEXT X:​NEXT Z:​ENDPROC	

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