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0 GRAPHICS 28:​R=15:​V=0.9:​POKE 756,​184:​MOVE $E000,​$B800,​768:​POKE $B400,​0:​MOVE $B400,​$B401,​255:​M=DPEEK(88):​POKE 559,​58:​POKE 623,​2
1 MOVE ADR("UUUUUUUUffffdddd&&&&daETTRQFI&&FIRQTTEad"),​$BA00,​64:​SETCOLOR 1,​11,​4:​SETCOLOR 0,​0,​6:​POKE $BB9C,​6
2 X=80:​MOVE ADR("$<<<<<"),​$B4C8,​R:​POKE $D01D,​2:​POKE 704,​66:​POKE $D407,​176:​POKE M,​65:​MOVE M,​M+1,​39:​POKE $D01E,​0:​GOTO 4
3 V=V*0.998:​S=STICK(0):​X=X+(S&4)-0.5*(S&8):​POKE $D000,​46+X:​POSITION 6,​23:​? #6;T:​T=T+1:​-MOVE M,​M+40,​880
4 IF RND>V:​IF RND>0.5 AND R>0 OR R>28:​MOVE ADR("G@@@@@@@FA"),​M+R,​10:​R=R-1:​ELSE:​MOVE ADR("AD@@@@@@@E"),​M+R,​10:​R=R+1:​ENDIF:​ELSE
5 MOVE ADR("B@@@@@@@@C"),​M+R,​10:​ENDIF:​SOUND 0,​(TIME DIV 8) EXOR (TIME DIV 10)&127+40,​10,​6:​IF PEEK($D004)<2 THEN GOTO 3
6 SOUND:​A=15:​FOR I=0 TO 400:​SOUND 0,​200,​8,​A:​A=A*0.99:​NEXT I:​POSITION 0,​23:​? #6;"score:​";T;" press key";:​GET T:​RUN	

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