Random game
Random game
Random game
Catch the X Catch the X Catch the X Catch the X
Listing 1
0 GRAPHICS 0:​POKE 752,​1:​? "Paddle @ #0":​? "Catch the X":​? "Turn:​  / ":​? "Turn & Fire:​  / ":​FOR L=0 TO 3000:​NEXT L
1 ? "":​POKE 712,​2:​POKE 710,​0:​POKE 709,​12:​POKE 752,​1:​X=INT(RND(0)*38)+1:​Y=INT(RND(0)*21)+1:​POSITION X,​Y:​? "X":​Z=0
2 XAA=XA:​IF PTRIG(0) THEN XA=INT(PADDLE(0)/5)+1:​IF XA>38 THEN XA=38:​REM . 
3 Z=Z+1:​XBA=XB:​IF PTRIG(1) THEN XB=INT(PADDLE(1)/5)+1:​IF XB>38 THEN XB=38:​REM . 
4 YAA=YA:​T0=PTRIG(0):​YA=INT(PADDLE(0)/10)* NOT (T0)+YAA*T0:​YBA=YB:​T1=PTRIG(1):​YB=INT(PADDLE(1)/10)* NOT (T1)+YB*T1
5 POSITION XAA,​YAA:​? " ";:​POSITION XBA,​YBA:​? " ";:​POSITION XA,​YA:​? "";:​POSITION XB,​YB:​? "O";:​IF Z>30 THEN FOR L=15 TO 0 STEP -1:​SOUND 0,​250,​10,​L:​NEXT L:​GOTO 1
6 IF X=XA AND Y=YA THEN HA=HA+1:​FOR L=15 TO 0 STEP -0.1:​SOUND 0,​100,​10,​L:​NEXT L:​GOTO 1
7 IF X=XB AND Y=YB THEN HB=HB+1:​FOR L=15 TO 0 STEP -0.1:​SOUND 0,​200,​10,​L:​NEXT L:​GOTO 1
8 POSITION 4,​23:​? "Spieler  :​ ";HA;:​POSITION 23,​23:​? "Spieler O :​ ";HB;:​IF HA<10 AND HB<10 THEN GOTO 2
9 FOR L=1 TO 23:​?:​NEXT L:​? "Spieler ";CHR$(20*(HA=10)+79*(HB=10));" hat gewonnen!":​POKE 752,​0	

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