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Listing 1
10 GRAPHICS 1:​? #6;"procrastination":​? #6;"HIT SPACEBAR BEFORE I TOUCH THE *":​POSITION 0,​12:​? #6;"SCORE:​":​S=0
20 POKE 710,​0:​POKE 708,​90:​POSITION 19,​9:​? #6;"*":​A=0:​POKE 764,​255
25 IF PEEK(764)<>255:​GOTO 80:​ENDIF:​S=S+A*12:​POSITION 7,​12:​? #6;S:​SOUND 1,​255,​10,​8:​SOUND
26 IF RAND(81*A)>A THEN 25
30 POSITION A,​9:​? #6;">":​SOUND 0,​255-A*5,​10,​10:​PAUSE 3:​SOUND
40 A=A+1:​IF A=20:​GOTO 70:​ELSE:​GOTO 25:​ENDIF
70 POSITION 7,​12:​? #6;"0! you lose":​SOUND 0,​120,​8,​10:​PAUSE 30:​END
80 FOR X=12 TO 0 STEP -1:​SOUND 0,​20+X*2,​10,​X:​PAUSE 2:​NEXT X:​SOUND
90 POSITION 0,​13:​? #6;"game over":​END	

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