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Random game
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Listing 1
0 GRAPHICS 10:​DIM Z(20),​X(20):​FOR I=1 TO 20:​Z(I)=RAND(4)+1:​X(I)=Z(I):​NEXT I:​DPOKE 705,​$C430:​DPOKE 707,​$1A80:​COLOR 3:​POKE 559,​0
1 CIRCLE 40,​96,​24,​96:​PLOT 40,​2:​DRAWTO 40,​189:​PLOT 17,​96:​DRAWTO 63,​96:​COLOR 2:​PAINT 27,​53:​TEXT 3,​0,​1:​COLOR 1:​PAINT 53,​53:​TEXT 70,​0,​2:​COLOR 3
2 PAINT 53,​139:​TEXT 70,​185,​3:​COLOR 4:​PAINT 27,​139:​TEXT 3,​185,​4:​COLOR 0:​CIRCLE 40,​96,​10,​40:​PAINT 40,​96:​FOR I=94 TO 98:​PLOT 17,​I:​DRAWTO 63,​I:​NEXT I
3 POKE 559,​34:​COLOR 0:​CIRCLE 40,​96,​24,​96:​PLOT 40,​2:​DRAWTO 40,​189:​PLOT 17,​96:​DRAWTO 63,​96:​REPEAT:​R=R+1:​FOR I=1 TO R:​ON Z(I)EXEC G,​R,​B,​Y:​PAUSE 2
4 NEXT I:​FOR I=1 TO R:​GET X:​X(I)=X-48:​IF X(I)<>Z(I):​SOUND 0,​100,​12,​10:​PAUSE 50:​SOUND:​TEXT 5,​185,​"NEW GAME?":​GET K:​IF K=89:​RUN:​ELSE:​END
5 ENDIF:​ENDIF:​ON X-48EXEC G,​R,​B,​Y:​NEXT I:​PAUSE 50:​TEXT 37,​70,​R:​L=L+1:​UNTIL R=20:​? "BRAVO":​END
6 PROC R:​SOUND 0,​142,​10,​9:​POKE 705,​62:​PAUSE 9:​COLOR 1:​SOUND:​PAUSE 9:​POKE 705,​48:​ENDPROC
7 PROC G:​SOUND 0,​190,​10,​9:​POKE 706,​190:​PAUSE 9:​COLOR 2:​SOUND:​PAUSE 9:​POKE 706,​180:​ENDPROC
8 PROC B:​SOUND 0,​94,​10,​9:​POKE 707,​126:​PAUSE 9:​COLOR 3:​SOUND:​PAUSE 9:​POKE 707,​112:​ENDPROC
9 PROC Y:​SOUND 0,​226,​10,​9:​POKE 708,​30:​PAUSE 9:​COLOR 4:​SOUND:​PAUSE 9:​POKE 708,​26:​ENDPROC	

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