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The player controls a spaceship, and the goal is to reach another ship in a random location on the screen. The player's ship can only be moved via a paddle controller. The position of the paddle knob determines the speed of the ship's rotation, and pressing the fire button causes the ship to fly forward in its facing direction. There is a time limit, and once it is reached, the game ends and the score is displayed. Link to description source
Paddleship Paddleship Paddleship Paddleship
Listing 1
10 GRAPHICS 23:​PM=(PEEK(106)-32):​POKE 54279,​PM:​POKE 53277,​3:​POKE 559,​46:​H=53248:​DPOKE 704,​16522:​PM=(PM+2)*256:​MS=32
11 DIM F$(136),​D$(24):​F$="6>6>z>>t|8 `x|s|x` 8|t>>z>6>6":​F=ADR(F$)
12 F$(81)=" x|lX`@ 8||^>._>>_.>^||8 @`Xl|x 8":​D$="":​FOR I=0 TO 256
20 DPOKE PM+I*2,​0:​COLOR RAND(3)+1:​PLOT RAND(160),​RAND(96):​PLOT I/2,​0:​NEXT I:​X=80:​Y=24:​XM=0:​YM=0:​SC=0:​D=4:​T=0:​COLOR 0:​GOSUB 1000:​V=0
100 POKE H,​X+48:​MOVE F+8+INT(D)*8,​PM+16+Y,​8:​MOVE F,​PM+8+Y,​8:​MOVE F,​PM+24+Y,​8:​DPOKE 708,​RAND(65536):​POKE 710,​RAND(255)
110 SOUND 1,​100,​10,​V:​D=D-(PADDLE(0)-128)/128:​IF D<0:​D=D+16:​ELSE:​IF D>=16:​D=D-16:​ENDIF:​ENDIF:​ID=INT(D+1):​IF PTRIG(0)=0
120 XM=XM+ASC(D$(ID))-2:​YM=YM-ASC(D$(ID+4))+2:​SOUND 0,​0,​0,​10:​ELSE:​SOUND 0,​0,​0,​0:​ENDIF:​IF ABS(XM)>MS:​XM=SGN(XM)*MS:​ENDIF
130 IF ABS(YM)>MS:​YM=SGN(YM)*MS:​ENDIF:​X=X+XM/8:​Y=Y+YM/8:​IF Y<0:​Y=0:​ENDIF:​T=T+0.25:​PLOT 128-T,​0:​IF T=128 THEN ? SC:​DPOKE H,​0:​END
140 IF Y>96:​Y=96:​ENDIF:​IF X<0:​X=0:​ENDIF:​IF X>160:​X=160:​ENDIF:​IF PEEK(53261):​SC=SC+1:​GOSUB 1000:​ENDIF:​V=V-SGN(V):​GOTO 100
1000 MOVE F,​PM+16+YY+128,​8:​POKE H+1,​RAND(160)+48:​YY=RAND(96):​MOVE F+8,​PM+16+YY+128,​8:​POKE 53278,​0:​V=15:​RETURN	

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