Random game
Random game
Random game
Minijong Minijong
Listing 1
10 GRAPHICS 2:​CH=PEEK(106)-16:​POKE 756,​CH:​CH=CH*256:​POKE 559,​0:​FOR I=0 TO 7:​POKE CH+I,​85+(85*(I MOD 2)):​NEXT I:​POKE 711,​15:​FOR I=8 TO 240
20 POKE CH+I,​127-PEEK(57600+I):​NEXT I:​SC=DPEEK(88):​L=83:​DIM B(196),​C(L),​SZ(2):​FOR I=0 TO L-1:​C(I)=INT(I/4)+1:​NEXT I:​X1=-1
30 FOR Z=0 TO 2:​FOR Y=Z TO 6-Z:​FOR X=Z TO 6-Z:​R=RAND(L):​C=C(R):​C(R)=C(L-1):​L=L-1:​B(Z*49+Y*7+X)=C:​NEXT X:​NEXT Y:​NEXT Z
40 FOR Z=0 TO 2:​FOR Y=Z TO 6-Z:​FOR X=Z TO 6-Z:​POKE SC+Y*20+X+42,​B(Z*49+Y*7+X)+Z*64:​NEXT X:​NEXT Y:​POKE 708+Z,​(Z+1)*69:​NEXT Z:​POKE 559,​34
50 SZ=SC+(Y+2)*20+(X+2):​CC=PEEK(SZ):​POKE SZ,​192:​S=STICK(0):​IF S=7:​X=(X+1) MOD 7:​ENDIF:​IF S=11:​X=(X+6) MOD 7:​ENDIF
60 IF S=13:​Y=(Y+1) MOD 7:​ENDIF:​IF S=14:​Y=(Y+6) MOD 7:​ENDIF:​PAUSE 2:​POKE SZ,​CC:​PAUSE 2:​C(P)=CC:​C2=CC&192:​Z=C2/64
70 IF STRIG(0)=0 AND CC:​IF P=1 AND SZ=SZ(0):​POKE SZ,​C(0):​P=0:​ELSE:​IF P=1:​POKE SZ(0),​C(0):​ENDIF
80 Q=PEEK(SZ-1):​R=PEEK(SZ+1):​IF (Q=0 OR Q&192<C2 OR R=0 OR R&192<C2) AND (P=0 OR CC&63=PEEK(SZ(0))&63):​SZ(P)=SZ:​P=P+1
90 IF P=2:​FOR I=0 TO 1:​IF C(I)&192=0:​POKE SZ(I),​0:​ELSE:​Z=(C(I)&192)/64-1:​POKE SZ(I),​B(Z*49+Y*7+X)+Z*64:​ENDIF
100 NEXT I:​P=0:​ENDIF:​ELSE:​? "":​ENDIF:​PAUSE 4:​IF P=1:​POKE SZ(0),​(C(0)&63)+192:​ENDIF:​ENDIF:​ENDIF:​GOTO 50	

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