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The player controls a character who digs through the ground, collecting diamonds. The player goes to the next level if he collects all the diamonds (in which case he receives a score bonus), or if the timer runs out. Apart from the diamonds, the map can have boulders or brick walls in it. More and more of these elements appear on every new level, in a random layout. Boulders and diamonds are affected by gravity, and crush the player if they fall on him, transporting him back to the starting position and taking away a life. Boulders can also be pushed left and right. Link to description source
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Listing 1
10 GRAPHICS 18:​V=3:​SC=DPEEK(88):​DIM F$(40),​Z$(4):​F$=">*>]6w(\t8<fN":​CH=(PEEK(106)-16)*256:​Z=194
20 MOVE 57344,​CH,​1024:​MOVE ADR(F$),​CH+8,​40:​POKE 756,​CH/256:​P=P+B:​B=100:​FOR X=1 TO 10:​POKE SC+X,​Z:​POKE SC+X*20,​Z:​POKE SC+X+220,​Z
30 POKE SC+X*20+11,​Z:​Z$="":​FOR Y=1 TO 10:​POKE SC+Y*20+X,​3:​NEXT Y:​NEXT X:​L=L+1:​Q=0:​FOR I=0 TO L*4:​SZ=SC+RAND(9)+1+(RAND(8)+2)*20
40 C=ASC(Z$(RAND(4)+1)):​IF PEEK(SZ)=3:​POKE SZ,​C:​IF C=132:​Q=Q+1:​ENDIF:​ENDIF:​NEXT I:​Y=1:​X=4
100 SZ=SC+Y*20+X:​POKE SZ,​65:​GOSUB 200:​SOUND 0,​0,​0,​0:​S=STICK(0):​IF S<>15:​XM=0:​OX=X:​OY=Y:​POKE SZ,​0:​IF S=7:​XM=1:​ENDIF:​IF S=11:​XM=-1
110 ENDIF:​X=X+XM:​IF S=13:​Y=Y+1:​ENDIF:​IF S=14:​Y=Y-1:​ENDIF:​SZ=SC+Y*20+X:​C=PEEK(SZ):​CC=PEEK(SZ+XM):​IF C=194:​X=OX:​Y=OY:​ENDIF
120 IF C=5:​IF CC=0:​POKE SZ,​0:​POKE SZ+XM,​5:​ELSE:​X=OX:​Y=OY:​ENDIF:​ENDIF:​IF C=132:​P=P+1:​SOUND 0,​255-(Q*10) MOD 255,​10,​10:​Q=Q-1:​ENDIF:​ENDIF
130 IF V=0:​PAUSE Z:​RUN:​ENDIF:​POSITION 12,​0:​? #6;"";V;"";L:​POSITION 12,​1:​? #6;"B";B;" ":​POSITION 12,​2:​? #6;"";P:​B=B-SGN(B):​GOTO 100-(Q*B=0)*80
200 YY=YY+1:​IF YY>10:​YY=0:​W=1-W:​ENDIF:​FOR XX=1+W TO 10 STEP 2:​SS=SC+YY*20+XX:​C=PEEK(SS):​IF (C=5 OR C=132) AND PEEK(SS+20)=0
210 POKE SS+20,​C:​POKE SS,​0:​IF YY+2=Y AND XX=X:​SOUND 0,​200,​4,​10:​PAUSE 5:​POKE SS+40,​0:​Y=1:​X=4:​V=V-1:​ENDIF:​ENDIF:​NEXT XX:​RETURN	

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