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The player controls a ball which can be moved left and right. The screen is constantly scrolling upwards. The player must help the ball roll off the platforms and fall to lower levels before it ends up at the top of the screen. The ball must also be protected from falling off the bottom of the screen. When the game is over, the score is shown, and the player is congratulated if they got a new high score. Link to description source
Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!
Listing 1
0 PL=ADR("UUUUUUUUy`Q<y`HQ@5(-5@QH<-#(5@Q[H5-(5@Q"):​GOSUB 8:​POKE 752,​1
1 ? "SCORE:​",​S;:​IF S>H:​H=S:​? " GREAT!";:​ENDIF:​?:​? "HISCORE:​",​H:​? "    ":​? "   ";:​WHILE STRIG(0):​WEND
2 SP=$E2A0:​PM=$A200:​HP=$D000:​SC=$BE70:​S2=SC+10:​CC=200:​SB=SC+190:​VS=$D405:​POKE $D01D,​2:​C=1.4000000000000001:​Y=20:​A=0.2:​G=0.2:​GOSUB 8
3 POKE 559,​$2E:​CO=$D004:​HC=$D01E:​X=100:​N=%0:​M=%0:​S=%0:​SOUND 0,​0,​10,​10:​P=$D200:​POKE 752,​1:​T=PL+52:​R=$FE46:​E=R+$FF
4 POKE 77,​0:​DO:​J=STICK(%0):​IF J<8:​IF M<%1 THEN M=M+A:​ELSE:​IF J<13 AND M>-%1 THEN M=M-A:​ENDIF
5 IF PEEK(CO):​N=-0.6:​POKE HC,​%0:​ELSE:​IF N<1.5:​N=N+G:​ENDIF:​ENDIF:​X=X+M:​Y=Y+N:​MOVE SP,​PM+Y,​9:​POKE HP,​X
6 IF Y>130 OR Y<9 OR X>250 OR X<5:​SOUND:​GOTO 1:​ENDIF:​F=F+%1:​PAUSE %0:​IF F>7:​POKE VS,​%0:​MOVE S2,​SC,​CC:​IF (S&7)=%0
7 MOVE PL+PEEK(R)&31,​SB,​10:​R=R+8:​IF R>E:​R=R-$FF:​ENDIF:​ENDIF:​F=%0:​MOVE T+(S&31),​P,​%1:​S=S+%1:​ENDIF:​POKE VS,​F:​LOOP
8 GRAPHICS 3:​D=$BE54:​POKE D-3,​$68:​POKE D,​$28:​MOVE D,​D+1,​17:​POKE 623,​1:​POKE 704,​$38:​POKE $D407,​PM/256:​MOVE SC,​PM,​128:​RETURN	

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