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Fuky Bird Fuky Bird Fuky Bird Fuky Bird Fuky Bird Fuky Bird Fuky Bird
Listing 1
1 GRAPHICS 24:​GRAPHICS 19:​L=23:​A=PEEK(106)-20:​H=53248:​POKE 54279,​A:​M=256*A:​POKE 559,​46:​POKE 53277,​3:​DATA 6,​MBKHOHPIOPIB,​6,​MBKHOIPHODIB
2 FOR I=M-512 TO M-512+128:​POKE I,​255:​POKE I+128+16,​255:​NEXT I:​POKE 623,​8:​I=M:​DIM G$(80):​P=53768:​U=128:​I=M+134:​FOR K=0 TO 1:​READ Z,​G$
3 FOR J=1 TO Z:​POKE I+J,​ASC(G$(J+J-1,​J+J-1))-65+(ASC(G$(J+J,​J+J))-65)*16:​NEXT J:​I=I+58:​NEXT K:​POKE 704,​220:​FOR I=1 TO 3:​POKE 704+I,​182
4 POKE $D008+I,​1:​POKE H+I,​I*85:​NEXT I:​POKE H,​120:​POKE $D01E,​0:​V=0:​U=1:​COLOR 2:​FOR I=0 TO L:​PLOT 0,​I:​DRAWTO 7+(I=L)*30,​I:​PLOT 32,​I:​DRAWTO 39,​I
5 NEXT I:​COLOR 3:​PAINT 25,​15:​Y=48:​R=$F000:​X=9:​P=-1:​S=M+640+256+16:​POKE H+3,​30:​POKE 707,​15:​MD=M+496:​MQ=M+108
6 POKE H+1,​X&127+64:​POKE H+2,​(X+64)&127+64:​Y=Y+V:​IF PEEK($D00C)>0 OR PEEK($D004)&11>0 THEN COLOR 1:​TEXT 10,​15,​(P+1)/2:​PAUSE P*10:​RUN
7 IF Y>0 THEN MOVE MQ+T*58,​MD+Y,​58:​T=STRIG(0):​IF T=0 AND U<>T THEN Q=10:​V=V-0.8:​IF V>-0.8 THEN V=-0.8
8 V=V+0.04:​X=X-0.5:​U=T:​IF (X=128) THEN R=R+1:​MOVE M-512+128-PEEK(R)/4,​M+640+16,​96:​P=P+2:​POKE S+P&127,​P&128+3
9 IF (X<64) THEN X=192:​R=R+1:​MOVE M-512+120-PEEK(R)/4,​M+784,​96:​P=P+2:​POKE S+P&127,​P&128+3
10 SOUND 0,​2,​8,​Q:​Q=Q-(Q>0):​GOTO 6	

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