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Listing 1
0 GRAPHICS 7:​POKE 559,​0:​POKE 82,​3:​COLOR 1:​FOR A=0 TO 40:​X=RAND(150):​Y=RAND(70):​FOR B=0 TO 3:​PLOT X+B,​Y:​DRAWTO X+B,​Y+4:​NEXT B:​NEXT A:​DIM O(15),​P(15):​GOSUB 100
2 TRAP 2:​POKE 559,​34:​POKE 755,​0:​X=80:​Y=40:​SETCOLOR 1,​12,​14:​SETCOLOR 2,​3,​6:​SETCOLOR 0,​10,​6
3 POKE 77,​0:​H=X:​J=Y:​LOCATE X,​Y,​C:​COLOR 2:​PLOT X,​Y:​PAUSE 1:​Q=RAND(3)-1:​W=RAND(3)-1:​COLOR C:​PLOT X,​Y:​X=X+Q:​Y=Y+W:​R=STICK(0):​X=X+O(R):​Y=Y+P(R):​IF Y>79 THEN 2
4 IF STRIG(0)=1 THEN 3:​DATA 1,​1,​1,​-1,​1,​0,​0,​0,​-1,​1,​-1,​-1,​-1,​0,​0,​0,​0,​1,​0,​-1,​0,​0
5 IF C=1 THEN COLOR 0:​FOR B=0 TO 5:​SOUND 1,​120+(-B)*5,​14,​15:​CIRCLE X,​Y,​B:​NEXT B:​PLOT X,​Y:​SOUND 1,​0,​0,​0:​G=G+1:​POKE 657,​12:​POKE 656,​3:​? G;:​GOSUB 200:​GOTO 3
6 FOR B=0 TO 5:​SOUND 1,​120+B*5,​14,​15:​NEXT B:​SOUND 1,​0,​0,​0:​COLOR 3:​PLOT H,​J:​GOSUB 200:​GOTO 3
100 FOR A=5 TO 15:​READ B,​C:​O(A)=B:​P(A)=C:​NEXT A:​V=25:​G=0:​?:​?:​?:​?:​? " DRUNK PISTOL by mgr inz. Rafal":​?:​? "BULLETS:​ ":​? "HITS:​ 0";:​RETURN
200 V=V-1:​POKE 657,​V+12:​POKE 656,​2:​? ".";:​IF V>0 THEN RETURN
300 COLOR 2:​CIRCLE 80,​35,​40,​20:​COLOR 3:​TEXT 52,​32,​"THE END":​IF STRIG(0)=0 THEN CLR:​GOTO 0
310 GOTO 300	

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