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    BASIC 10-liners Contest 2022
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    Eric Henneke
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    Atari BASIC
MetroSync MetroSync MetroSync MetroSync MetroSync
Listing 1
0 CLR:​READ X,​O,​N,​P:​GRAPHICS 29:​DIM A$(1),​D$(P-ADR(A$)),​S$(480),​F$(N),​E$(N),​Z$(N):​Y=9:​DATA 19
1 READ E$,​H,​A:​M=1:​W=M:​Q=12:​V=X:​K=X:​POKE 89,​96:​POKE 40305,​96:​Z$(N)="":​POKE 40315,​6
2 F$=Z$:​FOR I=0 TO 13:​D$(I*6+1)=E$:​POKE H+I*20+RND(0)*17,​83+O*(D<1):​D=-D:​NEXT I:​D$(O)=D$
3 I=147:​B=19:​E=32:​G=40:​L=10:​D=(1-2*(X<20))*(1-2*(Y=1)):​S$(1,​N)=F$:​POSITION 0,​L:​? #6;U,​
4 SOUND 1,​24+D,​T,​9:​E$=D$(O-M):​F$(121,​160)=E$:​F$(201,​240)=D$(M):​F$(281,​320)=E$:​COLOR I
5 F$(O,​80)=D$(M):​S$=F$:​PLOT X,​Y:​COLOR B:​PLOT V-1,​W:​M=(M-D)*(M>0)+G*(M=D):​M=M-G*(M=O):​T=4
6 COLOR E:​S=STICK(0):​J=Y+(S=13)-(S=14):​LOCATE X,​J,​Z:​Q=Q-0.01:​PLOT Q,​0:​GOTO 8-(Z=124 OR Z=B):​DATA 41
7 Y=J:​T=L:​IF Z=B THEN D=-D:​IF Y=1 OR Y=9 THEN W=L-Y:​K=X:​V=M:​Q=Q+A:​U=U+1:​E$(3)="S|":​GOTO 2
8 TRAP 9:​COLOR 20:​PLOT Q-1,​0:​DRAWTO 0,​0:​X=X+D*((Y=2)+(Y=6)-(Y=4)-(Y=8))*(1-2*(Z=B)):​GOTO 4:​DATA 360
9 TRAP 9:​POKE 77,​1:​Q=Q-A:​X=K:​Y=10-W:​T=2:​GOTO (STRIG(0) OR Q>0)*3:​DATA 24743,​|S,​25265,​.8
10 REM  '  

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