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Listing 1
0 DIM Z(9),​R(9),​W$(99):​GRAPHICS 28:​COLOR 34:​FOR I=1 TO 9:​R(I)=22:​Z(I)=I*4:​NEXT I:​DRAWTO 39,​0:​DRAWTO 39,​23
1 W$="<<UQQQQQUUUAQAEAUU":​FOR I=1 TO 64
2 POKE I+24583,​ASC(W$(I,​I)):​NEXT I:​POKE 756,​96:​Q=39840:​X=Q+60:​DRAWTO 0,​23:​DRAWTO 0,​0:​FOR I=0 TO 31
3 J=Q+INT(RND(0)*720)+80:​K=PEEK(J):​POKE J,​K+3*(K=0):​I=I-(K>0):​NEXT I:​FOR E=1 TO 1:​B=B+1
4 B=B*(B<9)+(B>8):​S=STICK(0):​Y=(S=7)-(S=11)+((S=13)-(S=14))*40:​T=PEEK(X+Y):​L=Z(B)
5 J=PEEK(X+Y+Y):​P=Y*((J=0 OR J=T) AND T>2):​X=X+Y*(T=0)+P:​X=X+Y*(J=2 AND T>2):​SOUND 0,​0,​0,​0
6 SOUND 0,​33,​11+(T=J)*(T>2),​(T+1)*(S<15):​POKE U-(U=X)*999,​T*(J=2 AND T):​M=R(B):​H=H+1
7 POKE X+P-(U=X)*999,​T+(T=J):​POKE X,​1:​O=INT((X-Q)/40):​N=X-Q-O*40:​A=(N>L)-(N<L)
8 D=(O>M)-(O<M):​LOCATE L+A,​M+D,​V:​K=V<33:​C=L+A*K:​G=M+D*K:​POKE Q+L+M*40,​(C=L)*(M=G)*129
9 POKE Q+C+G*40,​129:​Z(B)=C:​R(B)=G:​E=(T>7)+(V=33):​U=X:​NEXT E:​GRAPHICS 2:​? #6;H*(T<33)*(V<>33)	

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