Random demo
Random demo
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0 GRAPHICS 18:​DIM C(3),​S(3),​T$(5),​M(15):​E=0:​FOR R=0 TO 3:​READ C,​S:​C(R)=C:​S(R)=S:​GOSUB 8:​NEXT R
1 FOR Z=0 TO 5:​READ A,​B,​T$:​POSITION A,​B:​? #6;T$:​NEXT Z:​READ T$:​GOSUB 9:​N=1:​P=181:​DATA 8,​121,​5,​85,​2,​60
2 POSITION 4,​6:​? #6;CHR$(N+16):​FOR X=0 TO N+3:​M(X)=INT(RND(0)*4):​POSITION 16,​6:​? #6;X+1;" "
3 FOR Z=0 TO 99:​NEXT Z:​FOR Y=0 TO X:​R=M(Y):​E=8:​GOSUB 8:​FOR Z=0 TO P:​NEXT Z:​GOSUB 8:​FOR Z=0 TO P/9:​NEXT Z:​NEXT Y
4 FOR Y=0 TO X:​FOR Z=0 TO 0 STEP 0:​J=STICK(0):​Z=(J=7)+(J=11)*2+(J=14)*3+(J=13)*4:​NEXT Z:​R=Z-1
5 E=8:​GOSUB 8:​FOR Z=0 TO 0 STEP 0:​Z=STICK(0)=15:​NEXT Z:​GOSUB 8:​ON R<>M(Y) GOTO 7:​NEXT Y:​NEXT X:​DATA 13,​173
6 FOR Y=200 TO 0 STEP -X:​SOUND 0,​Y,​10,​8*(Y>X):​NEXT Y:​N=N+1:​P=P-20*(P>20):​ON N<10 GOTO 2:​READ T$
7 SOUND 0,​40,​12,​8*(N<10):​POSITION 8,​6:​? #6;T$:​FOR Z=0 TO 500:​NEXT Z:​SOUND 0,​0,​0,​0:​GOSUB 9:​RUN:​DATA 8,​1
8 SOUND 0,​S(R),​10,​E:​SETCOLOR R,​C(R),​4+E:​E=0:​RETURN:​DATA ,​8,​2,​,​2,​5,​round,​14,​5,​TONES,​8
9 FOR Z=0 TO 0 STEP 0:​Z=STRIG(0)=0:​NEXT Z:​POKE 77,​0:​RETURN:​DATA 9,​,​8,​10,​,​,​
10 REM Uncle Simon
11 REM 2018-02-06
12 REM (C) 2018 by Victor Parada
13 REM <http:​//www.vitoco.cl/atari/>  

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