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Listing 1
0 GRAPHICS 23:​DIM F0$(16),​F1$(10):​F0$="<BB<BZ":​B=150:​A=PEEK(106)-20:​POKE 54279,​A:​P=A*256:​POKE 559,​46:​VX=-5+RAND(11)
1 POKE 53277,​2:​M=DPEEK(88):​MOVE M,​P+512,​384:​POKE 704,​88:​D=DPEEK(741):​POKE D+4,​66:​-MOVE D+102,​D+99,​3:​POKE 752,​1:​COLOR 1:​PLOT 0,​90-RAND(60)
2 C=1:​FOR I=10 TO 150 STEP 10:​Z=M+40+RAND(3500):​POKE Z,​PEEK(Z)!3:​IF (C OR (RAND(5) OR LP=2)):​II=RAND(40)+52:​COLOR 1:​C=0:​ELSE:​COLOR 2:​LP=LP+1
3 C=1:​ENDIF:​DRAWTO I,​II:​NEXT I:​COLOR 1:​DRAWTO 159,​60:​PAINT 159,​92:​DT=0.05:​X=50+RAND(125):​Y=520:​G=RAND(15)+5:​VY=1+RAND(10):​DO:​POKE 53278,​0
4 X=X+VX*DT:​POKE P+Y+264,​0:​Y=Y+VY*DT:​VY=VY+G*DT:​POKE 53248,​X:​MOVE ADR(F0$),​P+Y,​16:​-MOVE M,​P+Y+136,​12:​SOUND:​IF B AND STRIG(0)=0:​VY=VY-2
5 MOVE ADR(F1$),​P+Y+136,​10:​SOUND 0,​50+Y,​8,​8:​POKE 53249,​X:​POKE 705,​50+RAND(11):​FOR Z=3 TO 8:​POKE ADR(F1$)+Z,​RAND(16)*4:​NEXT Z:​B=B-1:​ELSE
6 S=STICK(0):​Z=(S=7)-(S=11):​IF Z AND B AND NOT E:​POKE P+Y+264,​3:​POKE 53250,​X-3+(4*Z):​POKE 706,​50+RAND(11):​VX=VX-Z:​SOUND 0,​50,​8,​8
7 B=B-1:​ENDIF:​ENDIF:​POKE 87,​0:​IF X<40 OR X>205 OR Y<510 OR PEEK(53252)&1 OR (PEEK(53252)&2 AND (VY>10 OR ABS(VX)>5)):​FOR Z=1 TO 250
8 SOUND 0,​50+RAND(30),​6,​8:​MOVE 59740+RAND(500),​P+Y+4,​12:​POKE 704,​50+RAND(21):​NEXT Z:​RUN:​ENDIF:​POSITION 14,​0:​PRINT "";INT(VY);" ";INT(VX);
9 PRINT " ";G;" ";B;" ":​IF (PEEK(53252)&2):​SOUND 0,​121,​10,​10:​PAUSE 80:​SOUND 1,​81,​10,​10:​PAUSE 80:​SOUND 2,​60,​10,​10:​PAUSE 150:​RUN:​ENDIF:​LOOP	

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