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  • Entry name:
     Invenies Verba 
  • Category:
    Education: Word games
  • Publisher/Developer:
    New Breed Software
  • Year:
  • Code:
    Bill Kendrick
  • Media format:
  • Maximum players:
  • Programming language:
    Compiled Turbo Basic XL
Short description

Invenies Verba (Latin for "find the words") is a fast single-player word puzzle game based on the mobile and web based game LEX by Simple Machine. The objective is to produce words by using a collection of random letters. Meters fill up next to unused letters as time progresses, encouraging the player to use them. When a single meter next to letter is filled up completely, the game ends. A different score is provided for using each letter based on the letter's frequency in the language. Rare letters are worth more that way. Letters' frequencies also determine how quickly their meters fill. Every third word you enter takes you to the next level, where points are multiplied, but meters also fill more quickly. Link to description source
Invenies Verba Invenies Verba Invenies Verba Invenies Verba Invenies Verba

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