Hosted by team, who offered me the place for my Atari site. Jurgi was helping me with information on games and software (especially Polish production), links, etc. Vasco set up new home for me :)

The owners of great site dedicated to all retro computers who allowed me to put computer technical data to my site.

Special thanks to Harvey Lentchner for allowing me to put download links for his games and utilities on my site.

Fandal with his great database of games and demos for download. Please check his own work.

Kaz with great site on which you can see news on regular basis if not daily. He hosts huge database of games and software for download.

Homesoft for creating images of mixed games provided on the site with downloads.

Kevin Savetz, the webmaster of Classic Computer Magazine Archive and for allowing me to reference the books and magazines and use some of excerpts/short descriptions and images from magazines such an ANTIC and HI-Res magazines.

Paul Rixon, the webmaster of Page 6 magazine site for allowing me to reference the magazines and use some of excerpts/short descriptions and images.

Carsten Strotmann from TWiki.Infothek for letting me put links and book covers to my site. check out literature he has scanned.

Andreas Magenheimer for finding duplicate games with different titles. He also gave me some additinal information about his own pinball games Action Pinball and AMP Pinball, plus details about Snap 2, Snap 2 Plus games and some demos.

John Pilge and Jon Snyder for detailed information about their programs they made and their work through Atari years

Andy Dickinson, the author of game Count Down and Plastron for additional information about his games

Roland B. Wassenberg who provided me with additional information on Atari Calculator. (22.05.2013)

George who provided me with information on trakball in reference card for game controllers. (22.05.2013)

Jindroush, who unfortunatelly left Atari world for some reasons, but left behind great site with lots of information about Atari. He lets us keep his work spread around, so we at Atari8.Info mirrored his site. Thank you, Jindroush.

Mario Caillahuz (Allas) from AtariAge forum for a good idea about searching and viewing entries by screenshots. He also posted interesting files to download from Spain, German, etc. He is the author of new Atari entries, also part of ABBUC competition (Mule Wars, Voyage To Home, Plaque Attack, Accion).

Tim Gearin for sending me his car racing game Junkyard Racing for up to 4 players

Mark Riley for sending me his game Pongo

David W. Potelle for sending me his BASIC game Dragon's Temple. He also provided me with some additional information on demos Fuji Boink and Swan Demo.

Bunsen (Note about slightly different title names: Abduct10 instead of Abductions, Count1ng Zoo instead of Count1ing Zoo)

Marco Antonio Checa Funcke (author of many Atari 8-bit card games)

Fred_M for informing me about Dutch Atari users new site url (hosting their disk magazines Pokey's magazine, The Best of Pokey, Mega Magazine and other stuff) at

Christoph Koegler, the author of game Home Pong, who pointed out some facts about the game and corrected some info for my page

My friend Sandor Feldi, who helped me with hunting down a bug in JavaScript code for searching by publisher in Games library. It didn't work properly in Internet Explorer, but worked well with any other browser.

My friend Marko Keser, who helped me with an idea to populate databases total counts on all pages with simple use of HTML tag called iframe. You are welcome to visit his site on

Atarimania for several hints and tracking down some errors on my site, making difference between publishers, developers, public domain services and so on. Look at his site, which is probably the largest Atari site ever created, with huge game and other software library. with scan of original documentation.

Stephen Goss, the author of Contagion

Jason from my guestbook, who found small description error for game The Goonies

John Wilson (Green Goblins, Android Attack and Star Sector Defense, Acey Deucey)

Andreas Koch for helping solving out some questions about ABBUC Software Contest entries and providing some information notes about Base 33 demo

Maik Heinzig (Plots, Monster Hunt, Monster Hunt 2, Laser Robot)

Jim Reilly (Humpty Dump)

Brian Vuckovich for the note about the broken link of Atari800Win Plus reference in Atari Emulation section

Rick Wassmuth (River Rat) greetings

Kevin (Atari Word Processor 1.0 issue)

MaPa for correcting me that RGB game is multi-screen platformer, not single-screen

Aleksandra Tomasevskaja for finding non-existent link on Deep Blue C page

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Random in-game screen

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