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Site update: 1.12.2010

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Site update: 29.8.2010

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Site update: 14.8.2010

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Site update: 25.7.2010

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Site update: 31.5.2010

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Site update: 14.2.2010

Change log returned (with some design changes)

Now I have many original magazines at home, plus resource of magazines in PDF format scanned by some friendly people. This lead to rediscovery and determination of Atari products again, so data on this site will become more accurate and it will grow constantly. Links to information on Atari products will be updated, so detail pages will also contain original source of information, for example from the original magazines: Antic, November 1983, Volume 2, Number 8, Page 34.

I also plan to automate the News page with automatically generating the contents of news for particular new update on the site. This and other things will enable me to update the site more frequently with more news. Of course, time is another matter I must resolve. More time, more results!

Revised magazines

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Site update: 12.12.2009

Page layout for the left panel changed ( logo and reference added)

Brand new games:

Major revision in Games section J and many amendments in other game sections

New games for my database:

Updates in Source Code section

Reference cards:

Deleted games: Jewels of Darkness: Adventure Quest, Jewels of Darkness: Dungeon Adventure, Jawbreaker 3, Jawbreaker 4


Brand new games:

New software:

Major revision in Games section H and many amendments in other game sections

New games for my database:

New game genres:

Updates in Source Code section

Link updates:

Games publishers / developers added to the search list:

PC files section:


Brand new games:

Software contribution from Bobby Clark:

Games list for the year of 2009, plus year numbers in reversed order in dropdown list

New Games publishers / developers added to the search list:

Bug fixes on the site


Major revision in Games section G and many amendments in other game sections

Updates in Source Code section

Brand new games:

New games for my database:

Games publishers / developers added to the search list:

Deleted games: Gamo Stop! (The), Goble-Snake, Gridrunner 2

Atari emulation page:

PC files page: Links:

My projects page amendments


Brand new games added to the library:

- CTetris v.4a and TextTris v.1c (by Hayden Doan)
- Gaming stuff from new issue of Flop magazine: Space Arena, Deflektor 2 (by Fandal), Indiana Jones 4 - a Zlata soska Keltu, Vietnamska mise (by Petr Svoboda), Proto Basketball M4+, Killa Cycle M4
- Mean 18 (boosted version by Bob!k/C.P.U. & Fandal, PG and Raster)

Major revision in Games sections F, X, Y, Z and many amendments in other sections

Games section T revised

Updates in Source Code section

Added games to the library:

From Fandal's and Homesoft's site:

Space Ball, Cities UK, Breakout-Duell, Patience (Kemal Ezcan), Mr. Blue's Memory, Rocket Man,
Puzzler, Dzungla, Deduct, Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory and Many New Levels, Ninzova pomsta - b, Beton Panik, Zyclop II - Space Craft, Holgi's Backgammon, Jumpman #1, Indiana Jones - A chram zkazy, Lazer Feds, Afro Ball, Fred (by Querope Agency)

From Atarionline:

Tennis, Thirty One, Trull, TurboFlex, Trench, Trap, Treasure Storm!, Tricky Tic, Tractor Beam, Torpedo, Things in the Dark, To the Rescue!, Thunderbird, Towns of Oz (The), Through the Looking Glass, Thought Recorder, Model XIV, Toyshop, Test Your Memory ver. 1.2, TetPnc, Time and Magik, Time Bomb (PDI), Time Bomb, Test, Test Ortografii, Time Typist, Fantasyland 2041 A.D., Fight, Flagi Panstwowe, Flying Tigers v1.3, Trucker (by H.P. Kuesters), X Fill, Zone X


Woorly the Worm

Added Flop as disk magazine to games' Search by publisher search criteria list

Deleted games: Fish, Xfire

Renamed games:

Arcade Fruit Machine renamed to Fruit Machine




My Blacky died in January 2009.

I miss you very much Blacky, my friend! We meet again.

(click for larger pictures)

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

 When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone  here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and  hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play  together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our  friends are warm and comfortable.

 All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health  and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and  strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days  and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together...

Updates on the site:


Major revision in Games section T and many amendments in other sections

Updates in Source Code section

Added new companies (publishers, developers) to games' Search by publisher search criteria list:
Cymbal Software Inc., Zong Software, Z Innovators, Weekly Reader Family Software, USA Media, A.B.B.U.C. e.V., MainStreet Publishing, MMG Micro Software, Icon Design Ltd., Houston Atari Computer Enthusiasts, Hayden Book Company, Inc., RTS Software, Querope Agency, Propaganda Software, Pelusa Soft, T.H.E.S.I.S., Striezel Software Industries, StarSoft Development Labs, Inc., Sonix Ltd., Solitare Group, Soflow Software, Secret Games, Sculptured Software, Inc., Scott Adams, Inc., ROM magazine, The Learning Company, The Dovetail Group, Inc., Williams Electronics, Inc.

Brand new games of the year 2008, missing from the last update:

Click! by Chris Martin, Fireball 1k, Car Crash, Fake Frogger!, Gwobby's Adventure, Gwobby Jr., Graaa, Planeta Caco, Ostatni, Raim, Space Invaders Episode 2008 v.06

Added games:

Cymbal Software Inc. games: Galactic Defender, Convention, Ice, Metrodome, Cargar, Chase, Crazy Balloon, Demon Hunt, Horse Race, Night Flyer, Rotate, Safe, Star Fights

Other games: Battle of Chickamauga (The), Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, Growing Pains of Adrian Mole - Part 3, Secret Diary of Adrian Mole (The), Secret Diary of Adrian Mole - Part 2 (The), Secret Diary of Adrian Mole - Part 3 (The), Secret Diary of Adrian Mole - Part 4 (The), Track n Field, Trapped!, Tabliczka Mnozenia, Tajemniczy Zamek

Deleted game Wizard of Akyrz (The)

New links:

Retrocomputing Resources
Programmierung / Unicum (Andre Christiansen)
Atari Cartridges
PC - History: Atari 800
A History of Gaming Platforms: Atari 8-Bit Computers
The PCBridge Project
pouë - your online demoscene resource

Documentation added for some games




Major cartridge list update (mostly in games department)

Major revision in Games sections E and I with some amendments in other sections

Brand new games: Night Driver, Eckn+

"Napisze se" Programming Contest 2008 games: Nintendo Parachute, ATASCII Squash ver. 1.0, LarkaNOID, Barrel, Planeta Caco II, ATASCII Squad, Dratewka the Shoemaker, Qwerty Masta, Liner!, Byx-Man, Alfabet v0.9B, Bump. Very good production for allowed limited usage of programming languages. This contest was organized and sponsored bz Kaz. You can visit here for more information.

Brand new software: excellent word processor The Last Word v2.1 by Jonathan Halliday, great IRC program FujiChat v0.4 by B. Watson (aka Urchlay) and fascinating Apple Emulator v.0.8 by Piotr "Artax" Mejer

New games for my library: Egypt Adventure!, Emgeton Story 1. dil, Emgeton Story 2. dil, Gallery of Death, Sneek, Bubble Zone, Yargos Dilemma Pt 2, Examenator, Elevator!, Weihnachtsspiel, Evening of Horror, I'm Different!, Imperium Wszechswiata, In Der Wueste, Indiana Jones 2

J.D. Casten games list revisited

Site amendments and corrections

  - Site update information on all pages
  - Fixed layout on pages with screenshot lists accomodated for Linux systems (tested on Ubuntu)
  - Atari Emulation section:
    - Fixed link for Atari800Win Plus emulator program (thanks to Brian Vuckovich)
  - Credits section:
    - Fixed link for Software section in the main menu
  - Links section:
    - Atari8 Software Archive site (by flashjazzcat) added to Publisher / Author personal pages section
    - - updated name: Atari - Archiv ceských textových her, moved to Game archives / descriptions section
    - Fixed broken link of Atari XL/XE Space Harrier Conversion Project
    - Removed dead link for Atari 8-bit Reviews (

Deleted games: Star-Castle, ENCOUNTER AT QUESTAR IV, EP-CYG-4, Examenator, Explorer, Invaders, Invasions From Outer Space



I am proud to announce great new production of this year. Here is a list of new games for the year of 2008: Hobgoblin, Bomb Jack and two contributions in this year's A.B.B.U.C. competition, called Animal Party and Blackbox. Please check other entries which appeared this year.

Revised game entries beginning with letter D with amendments in other sections

Added games to my library (found on Fandal's and Kaz's site): Balla-Balla, Denk & Schieb!, Nastrahy velkomesta and Arcade Attack, Domino, Die Goldsuche, Detective, Desert Survival Test, Desert Quest, Der HuerdenLaeufer, Das Verzauberte Schloss, Das Grab Im Moor, Das Dorf Der Toten, Danger Uxb, Drol, Dragon Quest or a Twist in the Tail v. 2.1, Die dunkle Hacht des Unrhiagh, Desert Race, Den zuctovani, Dark Star 2.0

Game and software cartridge list amendments

Minor updates in all libraries

Fixed view of game screenshots beginning with numbers: Not all images were shown in previous installment, showing only images beginning with number 1


Filippo Santellocco directed me to the link for his game L.E.M., which I added to Games library. Also, his game Cookie Monster has new link in my library.

Game and software cartridge list amendments (cartridge list additions, mostly from Activision and Atari, plus detail section updates with new game screenshosts)

Minor updates in all libraries


Revised game entries beginning with letter C with amendments in other sections

Additional selection options in Games and Software sections (game and software cartridges, multiplayer games, prototypes / unreleased games)

Added publisher / manufacturer searching capability in Hardware and Books sections, plus expanded selection list of publishers to choose from

Database section total counts on all pages of the website

4 thumbnails (where possible) for every game entry when "Screenshots ON" option is chosen

Added games to the online library: Xenophobe, Constancia, City Defender, Cholericka Akce 2,  Chimere, Chicken!, Chemia Reakcje Zobojetn, Cave, The, Cave Crisis, Casebook of Hemlock, Soames, The, Cannon Ball Battle, Cubes In Space, Crossfire (color version), Cosmy Hero, Confuzion, Compute 4, Solitaire (Joystick version), Cribbage, Centipede!, Cavern Escape v1.86, Breakout

Added software to the online library: Pilot Programs for Children and Pilot Turtle Graphics Demo, Atari Statistics 1, In-Store Demonstration Program Cart

Added hardware to the online library: Atari Expansion Box, Memory Module, Atari Super Controller

Added books to the online library: Computers For People, Technical Reference Notes, APX, Atari Program Exchange - Product Catalog

Added and updated many source code entires

Details section

  - Additional screenshots images (6 or more)
  - Download full description (filename on disk and file size in sectors where applicable)

Links section

  - New links
  - New topic added: Personal sites
  - Removed dead links

Bug fixes

  - Fixed broken category links in detail sections
  - Fixed menu item selection "Magazines"


Hello everybody,

Finally, here is new update of my Atari site. Many things have changed, I mainly focused on new design, additional, more accurate data and ever growing libraries. I decided to use 1024 pixels by horizontal axis as this is more or less standard by now, if not too small by today's standards. The site was tested with FireFox 2.0~ (Windows version), Internet Explorer 6.0~ and Internet Explorer 7.0~ browsers. JavaScripts must be enabled for features like searching facility to work properly. It may seem that some things are missing at first glance, but don't worry. I am in the middle of rescanning of all previously checked online archives and libraries plus rereading magazine stuff. I also have some magazines at home now to feel the time they were published, with all those great articles and ads.

Here is a list of more important changes:

- New layout
- More menu choices
- More detailed and accurate data of Atari entries
- Reorganization of HTML pages in directories
- Additional libraries (pictures, character sets, with latter without screenshots yet)
- Currently nearly 200 BELLCOM disk images checked
- Page 6 Public Domain library disk images checking in progress, with other magazines and PD libraries to start with...


- I added the facility to identify completed and unfinished Atari entries. One way to identify the status is the exclamation mark in detail page for specific item. You can notice the second way in the sorted lists of items. For example:

K-Byte (7 entries)
K-razy Kritters
K-razy Antiks
Mountain King
Math Mileage
Boulders And Bombs
K-razy Shootout
K-Star Patrol

Red item means that not satisfied amount of data for specific entry is found and therefore not completed yet.
Blue item means I thought current data is enough to be shown on detail page, including entry screenshots.

Above complies only to Games, Software and Source code sections.

- Games sections #, A and B are mostly completed, with some updates in other sections
- Currently maximum of 6 screens are shown for specific game / other software. Other screens will be added in next instalments.
- Sorted lists of games with thumbnails only show 3 screens for every entry
- Searching by publisher / developer / PD is only available in Games, Software and Source code sections
- Short item descriptions will begin to appear in next updates
- Demos section is currently without image screenshots
- Some download links to specific entries will not work if the host is down (for example, I found the Holmes server is not working. Down temporarily?)