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Site update: 28.12.2019

Silly Venture 2019 games

Silly Venture 2019 demos and 16kb intros

Silly Venture 2019 picture arts

Silly Venture 2019 256b intros

ABBUC Software Contest 2019 games and utilities

Flop 64 disk magazine games

Mirko Tipka Na Radirko book simple game conversions

Site update: 5.10.2019

Brand new games

Lost Party 2019 game

Lost Party 2019 pictures

Lost Party 2019 intros

Games added

Site update: 15.6.2019

Dallas Atari Computer Enthusiasts Newsletter Club entries added

Site update: 4.5.2019

Brand new games

Flop games

Grawitacja 2019 games

BASIC Ten-Liners Contest 2019 (NOMAM 2019) games

Site update: 24.3.2019

  • Forever 2019 8-Bit Aliens entries added to the library
  • 6502 COMPO VOL. 2 entries added to the library
  • Games section:
    • Screenshot updates
    • Proper showing of screenshots starting with a number
  • My projects section:
    • Separate topics (PC software, Atari native games and tools
    • Fixed links and proper layout
  • Links section:
    • Reorganized categories
    • Added new links
    • Added new category: Graphics / arts
    • Removed dead links
  • Pictures section:
    • Revised data and screenshots
    • Many updates thanks to information from Retro Gallery
    • Removed dead links

Forever 2019 8-Bit Aliens demos and intros

Forever 2019 8-Bit Aliens pictures

6502 COMPO VOL. 2 entries: a game, an intro and a picture

Site update: 8.2.2019

  • New Years Disc 2019 entries added to the library
  • New details layout
    - Item title name representation changed (uses less space, horizontally page responsive)
    - Description on left, item image on right (larger size)
    - Item description layout reorganization
    - High score info (with web link to actual score) added in game details
    - Media format info is added again
    - Copyright holder description notice on the bottom
  • Game lists:
    - Cartridge list added
    - MultiJoy list added
    - High scores list added
    - Game list with more RAM space request added
  • News section: history tab for the year of 2018
  • Less padding in lists
  • Reference cards: graphics modes contents changes

New Years Disc 2019 games

New Years Disc 2019 intros

New Years Disc 2019 pictures and animation

Site update: 2.1.2019

  • Silly Venture 2018 entries added to the library
  • PC tools section: FastBasic and AtariTools added to the list
  • Links section: Portals / Information centers moved to the top of link list, some link updates

Silly Venture 2018 games

Silly Venture 2018 demos

Silly Venture 2018 16K intros

Silly Venture 2018 pictures

Silly Venture 2018 256b intros

Game updates

  • Train 1, Train 2: Prog. language = CC65 (Data mistake tracked by author of the games)

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